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Also by Dr. Joel M. Hoffman

In The Beginning:

In The BeginningIn The Beginning: A Short History of the Hebrew Language
  • "Hoffman has a flair for explaining how languages work." (Times Literary Review)
  • "A tour de force." (The Jewish Press)
  • "A wonderful contribution ... really brings the study of Hebrew into the twenty-first century." (Dr. Marc Zvi Brettler)
  • "Joel Hoffman is equal parts sleuth, archaeologist, linguist, historian, and above all master raconteur.... On virtually every page of In the Beginning we are delighted by at least one surprsing fact, amazing theory, or delicious metaphor. This book is a must-read...." (Rabbi Larry Kushner)
  • "Reads like an adventure novel.... A fascinating account of Hebrew as a language." (Record-Review)
  • "Hoffman does a good job of pointing out the different traditions that existed in antiquity." (The Jerusalem Post)
  • "[w]ritten in an energetic style ... in ways that a broad audience can comprehend." (Religious Studies Review)

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